Mental Health: Stop the Screw

There is so much pain and suffering

Water purifies as it waxes and wanes

There is so much pain and suffering in our world. In most societies of old and present, it is wrong to repeatedly try and punish people for the same, old mistakes, especially if it does not reflect their current self. When people change, age and try to advance through life honestly- please give their youthful histories some rest. Move on. Learn and interact with who they are in the current times. Most important, be kind to yourself and practice good mental health. Stop the screw.

Move on From Old Histories

If you are harbor hateful feelings, they will tear you apart over time both emotionally and physically. If this is you- STOP and BREATH. Embark on a new life. Go outdoors or find a sport. Enjoy a hobby by finding immersing in new networks and focus groups.

Embrace the Present

Embrace a better self today. Stop the screw. If you are attempting to ruin someone else’s life, it could ruin your own along with the mental health of family and friends. I remember when several of my family members died at once, a numb feeling came over me. It was as if I was simply moving unconsciously from task to task. There is no shame in seeking help, but there is great weakness and danger in keeping unwell thoughts or ideas of self harm to oneself.

I have personally never hated any person or group but learned from those who held hatred that often the problem was within themselves.

A Note on Mental Health, Anger and Depression:

You can find help for bad thoughts or mental illness at:


Help is at 1-800-950-6264


Love & Hate

Love the Lovers


love the haters.

For hate is simply love that has become lost in the human wilderness.


A Return

urban canyon

I have not posted in weeks. The stress’s of cohabitation got to me as relocate to the country and return to the city. There are exciting developments in the works. I’ve found middle-ground between extended family and the steel, stone and glass canyons of Manhattan. More to come in late Winter.