Laying on the Beach

on Route 1…

Laying on the Florida Beach was like having a channel of gushing water cascade the body. It was cleansing, healthy. I was able to retire negative feelings while gaining a fuller sense of what might be. I was able to see that some negative feelings were not my own, but a curse upon the world that we all inherited- a disease.

looking out toward the vertical assembly building for NASA

Much of the world has become violently contorted; lasting change may be slow, but as living creatures, we have the right to happiness. You alone can watch over your personhood. Watch over it rigorously, in a holistic and healthy way. Look out for your brothers and sisters too, especially those whom you may have created distance with.


Zaha Hadid & Parametrics

The Zaha Hadid Architecture Firm uses parametric design to model different expressions of classical theories. The process results in more fluid shapes and fruit or “shard” impressions within the firm’s architecture.

Sheathing of new materials, frequently composites, cause light to dance the building surface. Her architecture represents a period when many changes were occurring in global societies. These changes include new markets and emerging classes. New ideas, migration and extensive, complex, robotic tools reshuffled architecture libraries.

To ignore her identity would make it all more glaring. She excelled in a European industry that may have historically alienated people from the Middle East because of political tensions that date centuries.

Architecture Mountaineering

To the People Supporting Creative Work

I never work for myself. As an architect and builder, I enjoy and appreciate being able to make my work about the people who invest in and purchase the dwellings, crafts my studio and labs are building. Such creative works are labors of professional and corporate good will.