I am an architect and athlete.

Building a home rapidly and finely outside America’s Capitol- in the West Virginia hillside is today, one of my greatest joys and challenges. I hope to do the same for other people. Childhood was playing and reading in the rolling hills of North Carolina where the flat plains of the beach converge with that state’s mountains.

My family has been in that region for centuries. They are a mixture of people from Europe, Africa and those of the native, Hopewell Traditions. However, It was in New York City that I gained a career and design direction. Spending those first adult years in New York City was an expansive period where I learned the world of architecture and design.

I currently work on several projects that focus on architecture and gentle adventures- making forays into outdoor leadership. Most importantly I am reassessing my values, putting people first and becoming a better man.

If in God’s plan, I will be a family man. Yet, I am content too- as a man blessed with friends in many places. I seek self improvement and continue working with other people to build a better world for all.