My Bio

After morning coffee

I’m from the rolling hills of North Carolina where the flat plains of the beach converge with the steep, rocky formations of the state’s western mountains. My family has been in that region for centuries- a mixture of people from Europe, East Africa and those of the native, Hopewell Traditions. My dad worked in manufacturing and mother was a software analyst. Spending my first adult years in New York City was an expansive period where I learned and experienced foods and cultures from around the world.

I currently work on several projects that focus on adventure, technology and multimedia after completing university studies in business administration and entrepreneurship. My career started as an architecture designer where I drew technical plans for Brooklyn condo rehabs; the work eventually progressed to coordinating construction documents for skyscraper architecture. I temporarily left the industry during a family emergency that coincided with the 2008 real estate crisis and since that time I have led education courses for young adults in hobbyist robotics, wellness and sports. These days I am also making forays in outdoor leadership. I may be returning to architecture engineering in the future

I am romantically engaged. We are both career-focused and we rarely see one another. We are dating other people. However, you will not find me on dating sites or find me officially on social media. Therefore, if you see a profile that seems or looks like me, be careful of what you read or hear- it may be a fake account.