Zaha Hadid & Parametrics

The Zaha Hadid Architecture Firm uses parametric design to model different expressions of classical theories. The process results in more fluid shapes and fruit or “shard” impressions within the firm’s architecture.

Sheathing of new materials, frequently composites, cause light to dance the building surface. Her architecture represents a period when many changes were occurring in global societies. These changes include new markets and emerging classes. New ideas, migration and extensive, complex, robotic tools reshuffled architecture libraries.

To ignore her identity would make it all more glaring. She excelled in a European industry that may have historically alienated people from the Middle East because of political tensions that date centuries.

Architecture Mountaineering

To the People Supporting Creative Work

I never work for myself. As an architect and builder, I enjoy and appreciate being able to make my work about the people who invest in and purchase the dwellings, crafts my studio and labs are building. Such creative works are labors of professional and corporate good will.

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New Year- New Problems & Opportunities

Civilizations combined narrow fields of vision to focus the health of all humankind- in 2020. Facilitating such specific responses, people are isolating by force as well as in free will, curtailing a pandemic of viral porportions. In January of 2021, the most vulnerable, like the elderly and immune compromised began inoculation with injectable, novel, engineered drugs.

The citizens of nations adjust in disparate ways. Some have welcomed the newfound introversion created in being homebound. Others violently collide in virtual life and through physical, in-person street brawls organized online. Such wide latitudes of behavior continue into a new year.

What Happens Sooner & Later

  • Global Leadership puts new emphasis on partnership, union and synergy after years of fracturing the major, global and historic partnerships. Leaders will need caution to avoid further alienation of citizens who are reticent to engage people of different backgrounds and geographies.
  • Advanced tchnology is once more gaining rapid investment, prestige and popularity. Key officers of business and law may pay greater and special attention in how technologies augment and supplement human operations and affect quality of life.
  • New habits are forming and societies are morphing human-occupied spaces as personal lives become more sedentary. The pandemic and stress caused by cultural changes are leading to a constriction of life expectancy and a life span drop in the U.S., perhaps only temporarily but such trends could be made long-term. They are caused by the delay and wait for pandemic vaccinations, the resultant retard and loss of health and fitness regimens (a consequence of social distancing and isolation).

The world cannot return to a real point existing before the new coronaviruses. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated changes in the structure of human settlements like cities and in migration, maybe even in DNA. Hopefully, the information gleaned in the chaos of the virus will make nations smarter and better prepared for the next health emergencies.


Mental Health: Stop the Screw

There is so much pain and suffering

Water purifies as it waxes and wanes

There is so much pain and suffering in our world. In most societies of old and present, it is wrong to repeatedly try and punish people for the same, old mistakes, especially if it does not reflect their current self. When people change, age and try to advance through life honestly- please give their youthful histories some rest. Move on. Learn and interact with who they are in the current times. Most important, be kind to yourself and practice good mental health. Stop the screw.

Move on From Old Histories

If you are harbor hateful feelings, they will tear you apart over time both emotionally and physically. If this is you- STOP and BREATH. Embark on a new life. Go outdoors or find a sport. Enjoy a hobby by finding immersing in new networks and focus groups.

Embrace the Present

Embrace a better self today. Stop the screw. If you are attempting to ruin someone else’s life, it could ruin your own along with the mental health of family and friends. I remember when several of my family members died at once, a numb feeling came over me. It was as if I was simply moving unconsciously from task to task. There is no shame in seeking help, but there is great weakness and danger in keeping unwell thoughts or ideas of self harm to oneself.

I have personally never hated any person or group but learned from those who held hatred that often the problem was within themselves.

A Note on Mental Health, Anger and Depression:

You can find help for bad thoughts or mental illness at:


Help is at 1-800-950-6264


Love & Hate

Love the Lovers


love the haters.

For hate is simply love that has become lost in the human wilderness.


A Return

urban canyon

I have not posted in weeks. The stress’s of cohabitation got to me as relocate to the country and return to the city. There are exciting developments in the works. I’ve found middle-ground between extended family and the steel, stone and glass canyons of Manhattan. More to come in late Winter.


The Forces of Good Prevail.

Liberation scene of Westerbork, courtesy of Westerbork Remembrance Center) from

Remembering the spiritual and physical devastations of war keep me vigilant. We live in a world that sees unimaginable horror and too often we are silenced by it. Although fear can be deadly, like a malot it can cause liberty to reverberate as a drum. We must speak up when we see wrong. Yet we should not rush to judgments, especially in circumstances we were uninvolved. Should we do the alternative, there are big risks. We lose the good feelings of life and risk as a society, forgetting the great losses that can come to all nations and sides in war. This is evidenced by the wounded soldiers who returned from the regional and global conflagrations of the 1940s and today. We can all do better.

Fitness olympics track and field

On a Good Day…

This is me- after a big meal, a jog, some weightlifting and then some more steak and shrimp gorge-fest . Ha. No, seriously- it’s Joseph Mathias Kovacs, an American Track and Field Star!


Ways to Seek Higher Education as a Leader

It’s important to continue learning. Whether you are retired or lead a large company, it’s important to keep the brain active and engaged. Yet, there can be limits to what a diploma from higher education can do. There are many business leaders possessing post-graduate diplomas of little or no direct functionality in their work-lives. Such leaders may have significant personal transitions or changed industries. In another paradigm, there are high school graduates with careers that are intellectually stimulating, specialized and well-compensated. Such graduates have gone on to create and lead good organizations.

Corporate and Personal Liability Affect Higher Education Needs

Leaders can decide to hone skill through various kinds of executive certification, experimentation and through experience. They may study independently, such as with board support or engage with a private tutor. Some aspiring business leaders may quite naturally and even impulsively enroll in extensive academics, but this can have detrimental effects. It may be wise to avoid the impetus to go in the direction of university academia solely for the sake of tradition or as some kind of class signifier. In nations like the USA, there are specific democratic philosophies that allow social creativity, especially when it comes to learning and updating skill-sets. However, when it comes to professions that can incur great corporate or personal liability, an extensive, well-honed education program at a university is usually the best route. Yet, most business does not generate extensive liability in generating revenue.

Maintaining and increasing profitability is a major part of most business. Organizations may need to innovate to meet that objective. However, university academia instills little innovative skill in their individual disciplines because they must follow established procedures (research at universities are an exception). One may then rightfully conclude devoting precious resources (initially) to traditional education can be a detriment, especially if one has already attained some level of advanced skill.

Hats On or Hats Off?
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Coronavirus Halts the World

Photo Entitled “Quarantine” by Peter Murrell- .

Circa March 15 2020 through April 5 2020

It has been a time of great change in global economics and general lifestyle. No one knows what happens if and when the epidemic subsides. People are isolating to help those with unknown health problems survive the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Personally, the Pandemic has forced me to make changes to the new publication and my personal life. I can’t go to the sports club or physically shop travel and tech gear. My publishing is limited to a residential desk; the office and open libraries are place to avoid as the virus clusters in American towns. The first days of the closures gave people needed rest; many are coughing or seem tired.

Ohers contemplate a future when the shutdown ends. There is evidence people remain interested in tourism but have postponed events until 2021 (I will upload sources soon). People and companies are designing cures. Online webcams allow telework and work for home options for digitally based businesses. In the interim, there are cardiovascular exercises and juices to stimulate a well person’s immune system.

On Facebook I have listed contacts to assist the people of NY. China donated equipment. As of April 5, 2020, the rebounding city of New York has promised media outlets it will help other cities and towns fight the epidemic as stated through the Mayors and Governor’s Office.

members of the New York National Guard work to contain Coronavirus

This post was made remotely with limited screen real estate. I apologise for any grammatical errrors I can’t fix now.